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Tai Chi classes
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T'ai Chi training covers 3 basic programs:
Basic Training Form Training Push Hands "Tuishou"
  Basic Training    
Basic Training consists of:
Embracing the Tree
Basic Exercises
Silk Reeling Exercises

Embracing the Tree (Standing meditation posture):
The standing posture is basic to T'ai Chi Ch'uan and all of the internal martial arts.
It is used to dissolve tension, promote smooth uninterrupted chi (energy) flow and to understand and develop internal power.


8 Chi Building Exercises:
Basic Exercises focus on precise structural alignment, active relaxation, softness, balance, mind/body co-ordination, building leg strength and endurance, spiral mechanics, improving circulation, and increasing flexibility.
These exercises calm the mind, strengthen the chi and provide physical benefits.

1. Pushing the Sky    (tuo ji gong)
2. Pressing Down    (xia an gong)
3. Snatching the Yang    (zhua yang gong)
4. Opening the Wings    (zhan ci gong)
5. Embracing the ball    (bao qiu gong)
6. Opening and Closing    (kai he gong)
7. Turning the Waist    (zhuan yao gong)
8. Raising and Lowering the Arms    (qi shou gong)


9 Silk Reeling Exercises:
Silk Reeling forms the basis for the successful application of T'ai Chi as a martial art, and also for the cultivation of good health. This is due to the beneficial effects that silk reeling has on increasing the Qi and blood circulation within the body.

1. Right Hand    (you shou)
2. Left Hand    (zuo shou)
3. Both hands criss-cross    (shuang shou jiao cha)
4. Both hands roll back    (shuang lu)
5. Both hands opening and closing    (shunag fen shuang he)
6. Left side roll back    (zuo che shen lu)
7. Right side roll back    (you che shen lu)
8. Left vertical silk reeling    (zuo xu bu li yuan)
9. Right vertical silk reeling    (you xu bu li yuan)


Practising Form training under the guidance of Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai


Form Training
Form training is an indispensible part of T’ai Chi. When a series of rhythmic movements and postures, which are based upon observations of animals, is strung together in a seamless sequence and performed softly, slowly and smoothly, in close communion with deep natural breathing, it is called a Form.

Practising the Form leads to self-mastery through the balancing of internal and external energy. Each style of T’ai Chi has its own Forms, in either a short or a long version. Different forms have different effects on the body, mind and spirit.

It is through the continual practice of the Form that a student is able to grasp the essence of T’ai Chi and attain the highest ideals of beauty and strength.

TIA’s Training Program includes the Old Frame First Routine (Lao Jia Yi Lu), Old Frame Second Routine (Lao Jia Er Lu) and San Shi San (Short Form). These Chen Style Old Frame Routines are the original forms developed by Chen Changxing (1771-1853), fourteenth generation descendant of the Chen family.

Old Frame First Routine “Lao Jia Yi Lu”
Lao Jia Yi Lu, the first routine taught in Chen Style T’ai Chi, harmonizes breath, body and mind. Besides clearing any energy blockages, the Form dramatically increases the flow of chi. Though these movements have a soft, ballet-like quality, there is an underlying strength just as silk is both soft and strong. Contained within the Form is the complete T’ai Chi methodology, including the various strategies of fighting.

The First Routine intersperses slow motion moves with fast ones. It is divided into three parts - the first part consists of 14 segments with an emphasis on the hands, the second consists of 27 segments emphasizing the legs and the third consists of 31 segments co-ordinating both hand and leg movements.

Short Form “Shi San Shi”
The Short Form has the advantage that it can be learnt in a much shorter time than the Long Form, and yet retains almost all of the basic types of movement of the Long Form.

    Practising Push Hands    

Push Hands "Tuishou"
Push Hands is a partner training method that offers a safe and effective way to develop the Taiji skills necessary for fighting. It establishes a link between form training and fighting; it is challenging both physically and mentally and also fun to practice.

Push Hands training is the acid test of relaxation. When performing the solo form, you can easily convince yourself that you are truly relaxed. But when you are faced with an opponent who is attempting to push you over, you soon discover whether you are indeed relaxed. Muscular tension manifested anywhere in the body gives a seasoned opponent a foothold and upsets your body's structure.




T'ai Chi for Corporate Stress Management*

T’ai Chi is an ideal antidote to modern day stress. T'ai Chi's principles of balance and focus fit in perfectly into the corporate scenario. At present, T´┐Żai Chi is fast becoming universally recognized as a high-level system of health that can benefit people of all ages. In addition to health and healing, T’ai Chi also encompasses philosophy, spirituality and self-defence. Recognized in China for centuries as a “fountain of youth”, T’ai Chi has a calming effect on the mind and nerves. The slow, gentle movements are aesthetically appealing and are reminiscent of dance steps.

Learn to relieve stress and restore depleted energy with Seven Simple Exercises based on this internal martial art. In these two- or three-day workshops, each consisting of three hours, you will discover how to improve your balance and flexibility, combat fatigue, tap into your energy, breathe mindfully and meditate and enhance your sense of peace and well-being. The workshop includes a special T'ai Chi Spinal Stretch that systematically unlocks spinal tension, restores youthful pliability, and eliminates back pain permanently.

These exercises do not require any special place, clothing, equipment, or time. They are gentle and easy enough for anyone to learn, regardless of age or physical ability. Along with the workshop, we also provide instructional DVDs which serve as a reminder system.

Sensei Desai has successfully conducted T'ai Chi workshops for several corporate houses, organisations and events like the Aditya Birla Group of Companies, Lilavati Hospital (for stroke patients), Reebok, Reliance Money, Johnson & Johnson, Bharat Petroleum, Times of India (Mumbai & Delhi), Western Naval Command, Central Railways, Crossword, Magna, NCPA, Help Libraray, Mita Vashisht (for underprivileged children), Blue Lotus Communications, Melange, Lions' Club, Indus, YPO, Nirmala Niketan, American School, IIT, IIM, Jamnabai Narsee School, St Xavier's College, Celebrate Bandra And Kalaghoda Arts Festivals.

*Stress Management workshops may be scheduled at your office or business location. Contact us for details.

    T'ai Chi workshop conducted by Sensei Sandeep Desai For Aditya Birla Group at Gyanodaya, Mumbai on 23rd May 2012    
    T'ai Chi workshop conducted by Sensei Sandeep Desai For SIEMENS, India at Upper Deck, Lonavala on 4th August 2012.    

T'ai Chi for Seniors*

Many people gravitate towards T'ai Chi because it improves their ability to balance. T'ai Chi is extremely useful especially for the older people whose fear of falling makes them afraid to go out. T'ai Chi for Seniors focuses on gentle movements to restore youthful pliability and joint mobility, increase circulation, improve balance, strengthen the immune system, and increase energy levels. Many of the exercises presented may be performed both sitting and standing.


*T'ai Chi for Seniors Courses and workshops may be scheduled at your local community center, condominium, health club, etc. Contact us for details.



    Sensei Desai teaching Hrithik Roshan on-location    

T'ai Chi for Youth and Children*

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression. The child is mentally free. We are the ones who place limitations on them. Treat him/ her like a champion. Train him/ her like a champion. Eventually he/ she will be a champion.




T'ai Chi for Children offers healthy solutions to many of the challenges that children face growing up today. T'ai Chi training places great emphasis on healthy character development and ethical conduct.

Trains mind-body coordination
Teaches healthy postural habits and overall physical development
Cultivates self-discipline, self-control, and emotional balance
Develops mental concentration and the ability to focus
Builds self-esteem and a sense of pride to always give one's best effort
Teaches mutual cooperation rather than competition with others
Eliminates hyperactivity
Encourages healthy food habits

*T'ai Chi for Children Courses and workshops may be scheduled in schools, youth centers, community centers, etc. Contact us for details.


T'ai Chi for Martial Artists*

This is a course designed specifically for individuals with a martial art background. This course includes:

The importance of Standing Meditation for developing martial skills
Joint loosening movements to optimize your current warm-up routine
T'ai Chi breathing methods
Silk reeling training: the master key to good health and internal power
How to test structural alignment and body mechanics
Push Hands to develop practical martial skills
Interpretation and application of Taiji and other martial art forms

All information presented in this workshop is practical and immediately applicable, and will lead to new perspectives and possibilities in your martial art training, regardless of style or level of training.


*T'ai Chi for Martial Artists workshops may be scheduled in established martial art schools and training centers. We offer courses for both students and instructors. Contact us for details.




"Sensei Sandeep Desai recently introduced Basic Foundation Course in T’ai Chi workshops at Pune , Ahmedabad and Colaba-South Mumbai in the month of Feb-March 2013. The response to all these workshops was very enthusiastic and participants were convinced with the efficacy of T’ai Chi Training . They all vouched to incorporate Joint Loosening Exercises and T’ai Chi circles in their daily lives. The positive and negative T’ai Chi circles represent yin and yang energies and are the alphabet of Chen Style Taiji. Through circles, you learn how to align the body, open the joints and relax the muscles. They enhance physical and mental well-being and lay the foundation for proper understanding of Taiji "

Contact US for organising T'ai Chi Workshops. We can help you to add a little bit of T'ai Chi to everything you do in life; be it work life, sports, relationships, managing stress or recovering from trauma.

    T'ai Chi workshop conducted by Sensei Sandeep Desai at Ahmedabad in February 2013    
    T'ai Chi workshop conducted by Sensei Sandeep Desai at Pune in February 2013    
    T'ai Chi workshop conducted by Sensei Sandeep Desai at New Acropolis , Colaba Mumbai in March 2013